Ute Lodge Rifle Season Pricing

Cabin Rental

1st Season-$2400 2nd Season-$2500 3rd Season-$2200 4th Season-$1500
6 guys -additional hunters $250/season

Cedar / Pinon
1st Season-$2000 2nd Season-$2200 3rd Season-$2000 4th Season-$1500
4 guys – additional hunters $250/season

Aspen / Pine
1st Season-$1400 2nd Season-$1500 3rd Season-$1200 4th Season-$800
3 guys – extra people $250/season

Choke Cherry
1st Season-$1000 2nd Season-$1000 3rd Season-$800 4th Season-$600
2 guys – additional hunters $250/season

Oak / Wild Rose
1st and 2nd Season-$400 3rd and 4th Season-$200
1 or 2 people

Yurt Rental

1st & 2nd Season-$3000   3rd Season-$2500   4th Season-$2000
4 guys – additional hunters are $500/each


RV Camping

$50/night for 2 people – $10/night for additional hunters
5 night minimum

Tent Camping

$25/night for 2 people – $10/night for additional hunters

Ute Lodge Tent

$30/person/night – with a 4 person minimum

The Ute Lodge Tent is a large wall tent with cots, electric lights, wood stove and table.


Cancellation Policy

We do NOT refund deposits. If we are given 60 days notice prior to your hunting arrival date then we can move the reservation to another date/year or to another party.